Headquartered in Los Angeles, Galahad Private Investigations is best described as a specialized "boutique" investigative firm comprised of a staff of professional private investigators focused on a unique range of investigative services.  Galahad not only offers clients investigative information, but our experienced and informed interpretation of it.

Clients entrust us to investigate matters affecting their lives that require a high degree of discretion and sensitivity.  Our experience, trustworthiness, and professionalism have prompted clients to turn to us for issues including, but not limited to: high-level and sensitive investigations, background and character checks, corporate pre employment screening, vetting personal estate household staff, covert surveillance, electronic counter-measures, locating persons, internal investigations, business due diligence, and theft  / information leaks.

Galahad Private Investigations has been involved at the highest levels in providing services for Fortune 500 corporations, public figures, entertainment studios, prestigious law firms and publicity firms, and clients who demand the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Our firm is highly personalized in our approach to client relationships.  Every case receives the individual care and hands-on attention of our staff.  We remain reachable to all our clients immediately and not through answering services or receptionists.

Persons requiring our services usually come to us through a well established referral network, yet we are available to help those who require and demand a level of service not easily found in today's world. 

Doing business with Galahad, clients receive unparalleled personal attention - that is our promise, that is our commitment.



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