Why Proactive Hiring Procedures Require Pre Employment Background Checks and Screening

"If I had only known before I hired that employee" is a phrase our office often hears from clients and corporations when we are brought in to manage cases involving stalking and inappropriate pursuit, workplace violence, fraud and theft, and misuse of confidential information or trade secrets.

Our response is,  "Did you perform a thorough pre employment background check on the employee as part of your hiring process?"  In most cases, the answer is "No."  Most employers are "reactive" waiting for a problems to happen, rather than "proactive" to reduce the likelihood of them ever occurring.  Employees who act out inappropriately or whose character is dishonest generally have a history that if properly checked by a thorough pre employment background check, would alert prospective employers to potential problems.  

An employer faced with an employee who exhibits inappropriate, erratic behavior or threatens co-workers at the workplace must often resort to hiring additional security personnel, retaining attorneys, relocated staff, hiring investigators for surveillance, etc, until a final solution or closure is brought to the matter.  Clients and corporations dealing with these situations after-the-fact spend enormous amounts of time, energy, and monetary resources, which if a complete pre employment background check had been initiated, could have saved tens, and at times hundreds, of thousands of dollars. 

Organizations who do not apply pre employment background checks are likely to experience a greater frequency or severity of dangerous and disruptive situations, such as inter-employee violence and conflict, theft, harassment, and threats and intimidation towards senior management. Conversely,  organizations which implement pre-employment background checks as part of their overall preventive systems experience higher workplace morale, decreased disability costs and are at far less risk of legal liability.

As licensed private investigators and with a staff of qualified research analysts, we offer quality pre employment screening ranging from a basic overview to a comprehensive background investigation. Unlike many other companies, we are NOT an instant online "background check company or information broker" that simply punches a name into a computer and prints out a canned report of limited or old data. When you consider hiring an individual you must have access to the truth and facts about the applicant and if they both meet your requirements and expectations and that they will not be a liability to you or your company. We are here to provide that service to you.  Quality, accurate, professional screening that is designed to meet your needs and put your mind at ease. 

Our experience is that those employers who are forward-thinking and proactive in their hiring policies are far better prepared for these unexpected events.  Pre employment background checks are a critical first step.



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