Business Identification and Due Diligence

Business identification is useful in situations where you need to know the exact legal status, ownership and location of a company. You may have a consumer dispute or are considering legal action against a company or you may need to know if the business is incorporated, or how to contact the owner, or you may be considering acquiring or forming an association with them. From basic information to an in-depth Due Diligence report, we have the qualifications and experience to handle your requirements. Give us a call and we can get you the information you need quickly.

Business Identification & Fraud Investigations

Services include:

Fictitious Name Searches

Financial Information

Asset Searches

License Information / Verification

Criminal / Civil / Credit Searches on Prospective Clients, Partners, Executive Appointments

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Assessment of Competitors or Opponents

Annual Reports

Principal / Executive Profiles

Judgment / Liens / Bankruptcy Searches

SEC / UCC Searches

Addressing Suspected Fraud or Criminal Activities

Commercial Business Reports

Due Diligence

Due diligence profile reports address undisclosed issues such as:

Extensive Litigation and/or Bankruptcies

Misrepresentations or Character Issues

Unpaid Tax Liens and/or Judgments

Criminal Records or Associations

Fraudulent or Exaggerated Credentials

Credit or Financial Problems

Securities or other Regulatory Violations or Disciplinary Actions

Past Business Failures and Related Debt

Poor Reputations



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