Investigative Practice Information

Galahad has achieved a tremendous record of success in the safety of our clients, complex case management, and investigations since our founding in 1995. Our success is two fold:  1) An approach in managing safety and privacy that is fundamentally different from that of most competitors involved in comparable issues for high-level investigative needs for discerning clients; 2) We don't just try to meet client expectations, we exceed them by making the highest lasting impact on people's lives.

We bring a fresh perspective to clients' safety and privacy challenges, vigorously represent their interests, and are a valuable resource to the client in accomplishing all investigative goals.

Career Professionals

First, we are a company staffed by full-time career professionals and not individuals performing services part-time, moonlighting another job , or persons contracting independently. Our staff are actual practitioners in the field of high-stakes safety issues facing public figures and corporations, with daily hands-on experience in providing protection, threat assessments, and critical investigations. We approach our work seriously but realistically and do not instill unnecessary fear or worry in our clients.  Our goal is to have our clients live as normal a life as possible, not isolated from life's everyday activities.  We do not waste time on activities that build up hours that do not contribute to a successful outcome in overall case management.

Efficient staffing

Second, we staff our cases leanly but appropriately, with a Senior Manager or Partner typically handling a case with one to two Case Agents. This kind of staffing ensures that the Senior Manager / Partner has hands-on control over the development of the case. We do not have layers of associates and junior managers reviewing one another's work, adding excessive  hours and insulating the Senior Manager / Partner from direct involvement. 

Effective use of technology

Third, we make effective and appropriate use of current technology to do superior work, though we do not rely solely on computer information as it can be outdated and unreliable.   In addition to our extensive network of personal contacts in local, state, and federal law enforcement, we implement and use the latest technology, databases, search programs, computer-based graphics, and other programs in ways that most other firms have not even considered.


Fourth, our goal in each investigative case is to negotiate a fee structure that will ensure that our interests and the client's are fully aligned. Depending on the work, this may take the form of an hourly fee, a flat fee, a daily rate, a fee representative of case load, combination of the four, or a fee based on length of contract.



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